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who is first light?
locally crafted. family owned.
- San Diego, CA -
San Diego is a large city comprised of smaller communities each with its own unique vibe, established culture, and set of limitless adventures. Our small, but awesome team all come from these different parts of San Diego and bring different elements and experiences to the table so we can package it up and deliver it to you through current and future First Light products!
the founders

Ryan Espi

David Elizondo

Kassidy Elizondo

environmentally conscious
We love our San Diego community and the world we live in. Nature and people both have given us so much and it is extremely important to us that our business gives back. This is why we are a 1% For The Planet member, we use recyclable materials, and all natural ingredients.
"While most flavored spirits use artificial ingredients like high fructose corn syrup or propylene glycol, First Light is delivering quality flavored whiskey without compromising the taste."
- Whiskey Intelligence
quality with purpose
Organic raw agave and all-natural coffee flavors blend seamlessly with the smooth warmth of our premium corn whiskey. We've turned an industry on its head to bring you the highest quality spirits at the best price possible, while helping out mother nature in the process. Here's to those who want it all.

Real Ingredients. American Made. Triple Bottom Line. Everything you love and nothing you don't.
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