Morning Mule / Breakfast of Champions

Brunch just got better.
Fill a Mule cup with ice, dry shake Coffee Whiskey & mint then pour over ice. Top 3/4 with ginger beer, dash bitters then add a splash of your favorite OJ. Garnish with mint leaves & celebrate this victory. Oh, make extra, everyones going to want one.

2 oz First Light Original Coffee Whiskey

4-6 oz Bundaberg Ginger beer

Splash Orange Juice

Angostura Bitters


first light
750ml | Coffee Whiskey | 33% ABV
first light
8x100ml | Coffee Whiskey | 33% ABV

Instead of artificial flavors and colors, we use premium ingredients like organic raw agave, and real coffee extract while at the same time sending 1% of our revenue to help preserve and protect our living landscapes.

We've discovered that our most passionate moments come to life when we choose to say yes to sharing adventure with others. First Light Coffee Whiskey embodies saying yes to these moments.

Say yes to the dawn patrol surf session, to the extra run down the mountain, to walking late night across the desert to experience that sunrise set. Let's toast to saying yes to life with the drink that’s ready for anything.

We blend, bottle, and ship our product straight from San Diego CA, to your doorstep.