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In a recent announcement, First Light Coffee Whiskey has unveiled its two flagship blends, named First Light Original Coffee Whiskey and First Light Dark Roast Coffee Whiskey. The two expressions were created with the purpose of fusing together two well-loved flavors for those seeking to elevate their adventures.

The Original Coffee Whiskey has been created with a surprising introduction of organic raw agave, with coffee extract that has been blended into the smooth corn whiskey. As you would expect from the name, the Dark Roast Coffee Whiskey provides you with a bold hit of flavors, including deep coffee, hints of chocolate and caramel.

“We wanted to create quality spirits that weren’t filled with artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup,” said Ryan Espinoza, co-founder of First Light Coffee Whiskey. “We are excited to introduce First Light to the industry and offer consumers whiskey made of real ingredients to take on their next summit climb or to a family BBQ.”

“Taking home multiple awards from an international consumer tasting competition was a big win for our team,” said David Elizondo, co-founder of First Light Coffee Whiskey. “We are listening to our consumers and will continue to deliver unforgettable products aligned with our founding principal: quality without compromise.”

First Light’s DNA embodies the thrill seeker ready for anything, from surf to snow, dusk till dawn and everything in between. First Light was intentionally created for the adventure enthusiast raising a toast to the planet and exploring all it has to offer.

The team at First Light wanted to create a brand that embodies the thrill seeker who is ready for anything, while exploring all the planet has to offer. First Light has found the perfect match for this ethos by joining the fight for a better future by donating one percent of all proceeds back to the ​1% For The Planet network and partnering with San Diego founded company, ​Topiku​ who utilizes components of upcycled and recycled waste materials to create hats handmade by artisans in Indonesia.

First Light Original Coffee Whiskey and First Light Dark Roast Coffee Whiskey are now available for $27.99 respectively online and in select retailers nationwide. To learn more, visit​.

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